About Morocco



Spectacularly diverse, Morocco combines desert, mountain and sea, sun and snow. Morocco is only 14 km. away from Spain, across the Strait of Gibraltar. The Atlas Mountains through the country in half, between the fertile plains and beaches of the Atlantic coast. The Middle Atlas Mountains, reaches 3,000 meters and is covered with forests of pine, oak and cedar, open pastureland and small lakes. The Rif Mountains extend along the north coast. In the extreme south, bordering the Anti-Atlas, the gorges flowing rivers carried away into the endless sands of the vast Sahara.

Currency in Morocco

The official currency of Morocco is the Dirham (DH).

1 dirham = 0,10€

1€ = 10 dirhams (depending on the currency)

Some Useful Tips

There are no risks. However, in many places reign poor hygiene and lack of water. The risk is reduced in large cities.

  1. Caution with water-borne diseases and food running poorly washed or badly cooked.
  2. Think washing your hands regularly, especially before meals.
  3. Avoid drinks industry, ice, milk and its derivatives industry.
  4. Insist that mineral water is open to you.
  5. Fruits and vegetables should be washed, peeled and boiled. Eat well-cooked meats.

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